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East Village Apartment's Kitchen Tub Marketed as 'Vintage Detail'

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This apartment is a throwback to old New York

When you think of an old New York apartment—specifically, the tenements that were built throughout the city in the late-19th and early-20th centuries—you probably imagine people crammed into a narrow, long dwelling, perhaps with bathing apparatuses in parts of the apartment where they wouldn't go nowadays. While many of those have disappeared, you still find the occasional apartment with something…odd, like a shower or a bathtub in the kitchen. And this East 11th Street apartment, currently on the market for $2,700 per month, is one such place.

Yep, there's a tub in the kitchen. (And no, we're not exactly sure where the toilet is, as there's no floorplan associated with the listing.) When they say it has "handcrafted vintage detail," well, clearly they mean it.

Odd bathroom set-up aside, the apartment itself is rather cute—yes, it's long and narrow, but the bedroom is bright (and seemingly not the size of a walk-in closet), and the kitchen has new appliances. There's an open house on April 21 if you want to see this oddity for yourself.