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Late Flyers Owner Ed Snider's Gramercy Park Pad Reappears For $7.5M

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The Gramercy Park North apartment comes with a coveted park key

It's been all of 10 days since Philadelphia Flyers owner Ed Snider passed away, but New York City real estate waits for no one. The Comcast Spectator chairman's 50 Gramercy Park North apartment reappeared on the market this afternoon, asking a shaved-down $7.5 million. Snider had been trying to unload the 3BR/3BA apartment overlooking Gramercy Park since February 2014, when it was first listed for $8.75 million. Maybe the old nostalgia play will work this time around (although the Flyers' record this season is no omen.) The 2,873-square-foot apartment has been kitted-out in high-end finishes like Parisian wood paneling, waxed plaster walls, and lacquered cabinetry. Snider picked the apartment up for $7 million in 2011.

50 Gramercy Park North

50 Gramercy Park North, New York, NY 10010