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Could a Vertical Park Ease Congestion In Times Square?

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A multitiered solution to one of the top tourist attractions in the world

Now here's one way to tackle Times Square congestion — build a multi-purpose community center that towers above it all. That's what the architects at Shanghai-based architecture firm, 100architects, did in their conceptual design of Vertical Times, Architizer reports.

Vertical Times is a proposal for a multitiered tower that rises right in the center of Times Square, and each of these glass tiers has something unique to offer — apart from the 360 degree views of the area.

So how does it all work? There are six cylindrical tiers stacked one on top of the other built around a central column. The column is what holds the elevator that takes people from ground level to the various platforms above, and those include a restaurant, a sky garden, and a ball pool. What's more, each of the platforms are open air to allow for fresh air to circulate through the whole tower.

Sure this is only conceptual, but it's certainly a creative solution to tackle one of the busiest tourist attractions in the world.

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