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See Gowanus's Coignet Building Restored To Its Original Splendor

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This 1870s building just concluded a two-year restoration

The construction fencing has finally been taken off the landmarked Coignet Building in Gowanus, and the Brooklyn Eagle has captured some great shots of the restored two-story building that sits adjacent to the Whole Foods in the neighborhood.

The restoration was made possible after Whole Foods purchased the site for its supermarket at the corner of Third Avenue and 3rd Street — part of the agreement was to restore the exterior of the building.

Its owner, Richard Kowalski, is looking to either rent or sell the commercial building though he didn't specify to the Eagle on what he envisions for its future use. The building is currently listed on the market by Cushman & Wakefield for $5 million.

Now head on over to the Eagle to check out the rest of the images.