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Public Hearing This Week On UES Subway Station Improvements

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The MTA is set to spend $70 million on the East 68th Street station

Plans to relocate the entrance to the East 86th Street subway station on the Lexington Avenue Line have angered residents there. However, proposed changes to a station down the line might be greeted more warmly. The MTA is planning to spend $70 million to renovate the 68 St-Hunter College station, DNAinfo reports, and a public hearing is coming this week. Plans include a new elevator, a new entrance on Lexington Avenue, a new stairwell at East 69th Street, and the widening and/or repair of existing stairs, some of which are quite narrow.

The changes are meant to make the 6 train station more accessible, and the station would remain open while work is done. The MTA had planned to revamp the station four years ago, but ran into opposition. The MTA presented plans to Manhattan Community Board 8 on Wednesday and hopes for a receptive crowd when it holds a public hearing this Tuesday, April 26. That will be at 2 Broadway and will start at 4 p.m.

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