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First Look at Rafael Viñoly's New Office Building on Automobile Row

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The 432 Park Avenue architect will revamp an existing auto dealership

Manhattan's Automobile Row, along 11th and 12th Avenues in Hell's Kitchen, may feel like it's a world away from the heart of the island, but that's not stopping developers from building the area up. Rental buildings like Mercedes House and Bjarke Ingels's VIA are bringing residents to the area, and more office buildings are on the way as well.

One such development is a total renovation of a Jaguar Land Rover/Infiniti/Nissan dealership at 787 11th Avenue, with a design by 432 Park Avenue architect Rafael Viñoly. The project was announced several months ago, and now the Wall Street Journal has new details, along with the first renderings of the space.

The project is a collaboration between billionaire hedge-funder Bill Ackman and development firm Georgetown Co., and will transform the eight-story building into a ten-story modern space with huge windows, open-concept floorplans, and a 12,000-square-foot communal roof deck.

Viñoly's design may not look much like his iconic (and controversial) 432 Park Avenue, but the architect told the WSJ that the opportunity to revamp the large industrial building was "very special" "It’s very rare to find this type of space near Midtown," he said. It's expected to be completed by 2017.