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Pavarotti's Central Park South Pad Returns as a $20.5M Combo Unit

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The operatic tenor's longtime pied-a-terre is up for grabs with a neighboring apartment

Luciano Pavarotti's Central Park South pied-a-terre finally made its way onto the market in 2014, seven years after the operatic tenor's death. Despite the star power behind the Hampshire House apartment, it's failed to sell even after a $3.2 million pricechop that brought its ask down to $10.5 million. Now, the 23rd-floor pad has resurfaced as a 3,300 square foot combo with the abutting co-op next door. Per Bloomberg, the apartment on offer hasn't been combined yet, and would include 72 feet of Central Park frontage including a 40-foot-long terrace that's attached to the neighboring apartment. The 3BR/3.5BA combo apartment is being offered for $20.5 million.