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Lawsuit Dismissed Over ‘Uninhabitable’ Village Penthouse Once Owned by Yoko Ono

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Judge sided with the co-op building's board on the noisy revelers

This isn't the first lawsuit concerning the penthouse at 49 Downing Street in the West Village, but the most recent one has gone in favor of the co-op building's board, the New York Post reports.

The current owner of the apartment, developer David Blumenfeld, sued the board claiming the apartment was "uninhabitable."

A judge however dismissed those charges and said he had no right to complain considering the apartment had a become a hot bed for wild parties, with revelers staying for months on end.

In fact, the judge sided with the board's counter claim over the "rowdy visitors."

The three-bedroom penthouse in question was once owned by Yoko Ono. She purchased the apartment for her son in 1995, who only lived there for a few years, but she too was mired in conflict with the board over the unit.

Ono sued the board in 2013 for allegedly blocking the sale on the unit, but subsequently managed to sell it off to Blumenfeld.