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$500,000 Micro-Sized Bungalow Ushers Tiny House Craze Into Brooklyn

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This single-story house in Gravesend measures all of 312 square feet

Sandwiched between two family homes in Gravesend sits a single-story, detached house measuring 12 x 26 feet or about 312 square feet—and it's now on the market for just under $500,000, Gothamist reports (h/t Reddit).

Perhaps it's a stretch to say that this house is taking micro living to a whole new level, but it's certainly a record listing for broker Anthony Mussolino of Ben Bay Realty. "It's the smallest house I've ever listed in 14 years," he told Curbed.

So what's going on here exactly? The property that the house sits on is just under 2,000 square feet and can fit up to six cars in its driveway, according to the listing. In order for a new buyer to build anything on the lot, the buyer would also have to purchase the two-story home next door at 84 Bay 47th Street due to zoning laws, Mussolino told Curbed.

The houses at 84 and 86 are also being sold as a package deal for $948,000, and the owner prefers that both be sold together, but tiny house at number 86 was introduced separately to generate interest in the sale. The tiny house was most recently used as an animal rescue shelter, Mussolino says. A group was renting out the space, but has since left, and the house itself has subsequently fallen into disrepair. The two-story house at number 84 is unoccupied as well. The properties have been in the hands of the same family for the past 70 years, Mussolino told Curbed, and the owners are now ready to part with it.

Tiny house aside, the property sale has been a bit of a difficult proposition because of the flood zones created post-Sandy, which restricts the creation of a basement on the lot inhabited by the tiny home. Regardless, the property package now has some prospective buyers and Mussolino says he expects to close on them sometime next week.