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What Are Your Space-Saving Hacks, New Yorkers? We Want to See!

We want to showcase your tiny living skills

Let's face it: the one scarce commodity in New York City is space. In our ever-tinier apartments with ever-increasing roommates, New Yorkers have learned how to be space maximizers out of necessity. Next week, Curbed is running its first-ever Renovation Week, and in the spirit of transforming the places we inhabit, we want to see your space hacks and apartment renovations.

Post your space-saving hacks or renovation before-and-after photos on Instagram with #Curbed, share them with your stories in the comments below, or send an email to

What were the challenges you faced? How did you fit a dining room in your open kitchen? When you first moved in, did you think you had all the space in the world, but all those dreams crumbled down when you started moving in your furniture? How did you turn that bedroom that is the size of closet into your humble abode? If you could reorganize everything right now, what would you change?

During Renovation Week, we'll round up the best contributions and post them right here on Curbed.