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Vanessa Carlton's Furnished Soho Loft Is Back For $17,500/Month

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The singer-songwriter is seeking renters once again for her eclectic Soho apartment

Songstress Vanessa Carlton may be best known for her early-aughts hit "A Thousand Miles," but she's kept pretty busy since then: She's released a bunch of albums and got married by Stevie Nicks, because why not. During that time, she's also held onto the Soho apartment that she first purchased in 2004, though it's recently appeared as a high-end rental. It's back on the market as of today, according to the New York Observer, with an asking price of $17,500 per month—the same amount it was asking the last time it was up for grabs last February. Little else has changed about the place: it still comes fully furnished, with Carlton's eclectic mix of styles on display (antlers, exposed brick, dead-tree-patterned wallpaper, etc.), and with two of her pianos ready for playing.