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A 47-Story Tower May Rise Next To Extell's Lower East Side Skyscraper

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Developers will announce plans at a neighborhood meeting on Wednesday

Another skyscraper may rise adjacent to Extell's One Manhattan Square, on the Lower East Side, Bowery Boogie reports. A developer is trying to revive plans to building a tower at the former Pathmark Pharmacy site on Cherry Street.

The developer, who Bowery Boogie identifies as Roy Schoenberg was set to collaborate with the local Two Bridges Neighborhood Council (TNBC) and Settlement Housing Fund to construct a 47-story residential tower at the site. The latter offered to sell the land for $4 million, but then backed out, which prompted Schoenberg to sue the organization. A settlement on the case is expected to be reached soon, and some version of that project is likely to move forward, according to Bowery Boogie.

On Wednesday, TNBC will host a meeting to give local residents a better idea of the tower proposal, according to DNAinfo. The site is located right across from the Two Bridges Senior Apartment building at 80 Rutgers Slip, and residents there have already raised concerns about the construction work at One Manhattan Square. Residents have expressed reservations about another skyscraper adding to that disturbance.

Very little is known about the project so far, but SHoP Architects are the rumored architecture firm behind the project, according to Bowery Boogie. Extell's project replaced the Pathmark, whereas this building is planned to replace the former Pharmacy/Rent-a-Center building.