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Plan For Floating Power Plant on the East River Raises Eyebrows

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The six-story electrical plant would be located across from Domino

The Domino redevelopment site's newest neighbor might be a floating, six-story power plant, and local residents are not amused, Brownstoner reports. Developer SEF Industries is bringing back a plan to install a floating electrical plant in the Wallabout Federal Navigational Channel, which is also close to the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and Piet Boon's Oosten.

Local residents led by the community group, Stop The Barge, are opposing the plan citing pollution, and the fact that building would potentially disrupt views. These are the same concerns the group raised back in 2001 when SEF first presented the idea.

Two years later, the community group won a case to block the project on the grounds that the developer had not carried out a required environmental impact review.

The project was revived in 2013 when the New York Highway Taskforce issued a request for proposals for the site, and now the development firm says it has all the requisite permits to move forward. However local residents will get to chime in this time around, but they only have until the end of this month.

The proposed plant would be 100-feet wide and 230-feet long, according to Brownstoner, and the natural gas-powered plant could provide electricity to Brooklyn in case of emergency. Due to its location, the plant can also easily be refueled by boats, and it could create enough energy to power 79,000 homes, if required.