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Pacific Park’s Modular Building Will Offer Affordable Apartments From $559/Month

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461 Dean Street features a total of 181 affordable units

461 Dean Street B2 Max Touhey

Pacific Park's modular building at 461 Dean will launch the affordable housing lottery on half of its 363 apartments tomorrow morning. The 32-story building features a total of 181 below-market rate units that are open to people making anywhere between 30 percent to 160 percent of the Area Median Income (AMI).

At the lowest income threshold, about 6 percent of the affordable apartments will be open to an individual making $20,675 and go up to a family of four making $36,240. At the highest threshold, 20 percent of the apartments are open to families of four making $144,960 or an individual making $69,943.

The affordable units will go live tomorrow morning on NYC Housing Connect, and the lottery will be open for a total of 60 days until June 27. This lottery marks the first lottery to commence at the Pacific Park megaproject, which includes a total of 2,250 affordable units.

At 461 Dean Street, the affordable units are divided up as follows: 75 studios, 70 one-bedrooms, and 36 two-bedrooms. The cheapest studio will rent for $559 and the priciest will rent for $1,996. The least expensive two-bedroom starts at $727 and most expensive is going for $3012.

Construction work on the building, which was developed by Forest City Ratner Companies, and designed by SHoP Architects, will likely wrap up soon. Leasing on the market-rate units will begin sometime in the summer, and residents will begin moving in in the fall. At present, 1,800 apartments are under construction at Pacific Park of a total 6,430 units.

Rendering via Forest City Ratner Companies