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$120M Co-op at 834 Fifth Avenue Is Now NYC's Most Expensive Listing

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Say hello to the new most expensive home for sale in New York City

It was only a month ago that we took a look at the most expensive homes for sale in New York City, and a new entrant has already pole-vaulted to the top of the list. Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to NYC's new most expensive home for sale: a $120 million co-op at 834 Fifth Avenue, the famed Upper East Side apartment building that such tycoons as Rupert Murdoch and Elizabeth Arden have called home. (It's also the most expensive co-op in the city, besting the 18th-floor apartment at the Sherry-Netherland that previously held the record.) Welcome to New York real estate in 2016, y'all.

As for this 834 Fifth Avenue pad, it was previously owned by financier John Gutfreund, who passed away earlier this year. According to the Wall Street Journal, which first reported the news, the apartment is located on the building's seventh and eighth floors, and has 20 (!) rooms spread out over 12,000 square feet. It has many of the amenities found in these types of NYC apartments (by which we mean "very expensive and over-the-top"), including a wine cellar, a gallery, a "grand marble staircase," and an enormous master suite.

Still, even at that price, there's a chance that whoever buys the place (lol) may want to upgrade it—after all, it was owned by the same family for around 30 years—but the broker in charge of the sale, BHS's John Burger, says that "many people will appreciate and want to preserve the grandeur of what is there." (If they're willing to spend $120 million, sure, why not.)

UPDATE: Now with floorplan!

834 Fifth Avenue

834 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY