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De Blasio Proposes Building Affordable Housing on Hospital Land

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Part of his $82.2 billion executive budget for the city

Creating affordable housing on underutilized hospital land was one of major initiatives introduced by Mayor Bill de Blasio as part of his $82.2 billion executive budget unveiled on Tuesday, the Observer reports.

The proposal will look to address the $1.8 billion budget gap the city's Health and Hospitals Corporation will face by 2020. HHC runs 11 hospitals and five, long-term care facilities throughout the city, but the de Blasio Administration has yet to identify the hospitals where such housing will be built.

What is known however is that the administration is looking at "vacant and under-utilized parcels," which means parking lots and non-medical facilities. These spaces will be considered for low-income housing and supportive housing for the disabled and mentally ill. De Blasio hasn't ruled out market rate housing at these locations either, according to the Observer.

But the focus of this proposal is to generate revenue for HHC and to reduce the budget gap. The supportive housing will likely reduce medical bills, and land sales and ground leases will likely generate revenue for HHC.

De Blasio's overall budget focused on several infrastructural improvements including funds for the city's third water tunnel and improvements to roads.