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Lavish Sutton Place Townhouse Now Wants Less Than Half of Original Ask

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The 19th-century townhouse first hit the market nearly two years ago with an astronomical asking price

The townhouse at 13 Sutton Place has been having a difficult go of it since selling to a group of investors back in June 2014. That group put it back on the market a month later for a whopping $19.95 million, but unsurprisingly, it's since gotten a series of price cuts: It was chopped to $10.9 million last September, and now, the home is back (with a new broker—Elliman instead of Leslie Garfield) for only $9.7 million. At that price, which is less than half of what it was originally asking, we're looking at Pricechopper Hall of Fame status here.

And it's not as if the house doesn't have its charms: It's located on secluded Sutton Place, and was once owned by Elisabeth Marbury, a literary figurehead who worked with such icons as George Bernard Shaw and Oscar Wilde. Its interiors were designed by Marbury's partner Elsie de Wolfe, an interior designer who wrote the pioneering decorating tome The House in Good Taste.

While the five-story home has been updated since then, it's still a rather opulent (if a bit stuffy) abode, with original crown moldings and wainscoting, several fireplaces, a rooftop terrace (with views of the East River), and bright, airy bedrooms. But then again, prospective buyers could do well to wait this one out—who knows if it might get chopped again?