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De Blasio’s Proposed Ferry and Streetcar Services May Compete For Riders

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Planned routes for both are almost identical along the Brooklyn and Queens waterfront

Two of Mayor Bill de Blasio's biggest transportation initiatives might actually be detrimental to each other, Politico reports, based on findings from a city-commissioned report released last week on the Brooklyn-Queens Connector. The citywide ferry service and the streetcar essentially serve many of the same neighborhoods and experts are now questioning whether the two will complement one another.

Planned stops along the streetcar's route match up almost identically to the Ferry's route along the Brooklyn and Queens waterfront with stops for both in Sunset Park, Red Hook, Brooklyn Heights, and all the way up to Astoria.

"A new trip on the streetcar could subtract from the trips on the ferry and vice versa," Jon Orcutt, the TransitCenter's advocacy director told Politico.

However those in support of both the transport initiatives have argued several points in favor of the services. For instance the streetcar does not offer east to west service like the ferry does. Others argue that as large scale development continues along the Brooklyn and Queens waterfront, a diverse range of transportation options will be vital to the residents in those areas.

The citywide ferry service is expected to commence next summer while the streetcar won't likely begin operation until 2024 at the earliest.