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With New Look for Building 19, Industry City Hopes to Attract More ‘Creative’ Tenants

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The building's top floors house the Brooklyn Nets' training facility

Developers behind the Industry City megaproject in Sunset Park are looking to attract more creative and tech types to their complex with the upcoming renovation of a 500,000 square foot space, the Commercial Observer reports.

Belvedere Capital and Jamestown are set to the renovate the lower floors of Building 19, a 1.3 million square foot building, that currently houses a Brooklyn Nets playing facility on the eight floor and the rooftop.

The developers will make improvements to some of the building's infrastructure, add new windows and create a new lobby. Rents for building will range from $15 to $35 per square foot, a spokesperson for Industry City told the Commercial Observer.

The developers along with the Nets are spending $50 million on Building 19's renovation. The lower floors of that building are currently being used for storage, and the new space is expected to be ready sometime during the summer.