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Big Reveal: $750,000 For a Charming West Village One-Bedroom

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The one-bedroom co-op has a high maintenance fee, but a relatively low asking price

L Swan was the first commenter to hit the nail on the head with this lovely little West Village one-bedroom, which is asking a not-horrifically-unreasonable $750,000. It's located in a co-op building at 715 Washington Street (so not too far from a subway), and according to the listing, the apartment faces a "secret garden" within a shared courtyard. Most commenters found little to criticize about this place (whoa), though as RESpectator pointed out, there are some hinky details—a step upon entering the front door, some missing bricks, and the like—and that high maintenance fee. But hey, anything under $1 million in the West Village seems like a steal these days.

Let's look at that floorplan one more time: