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Winter Storm Jonas Was New York City's Biggest Blizzard of All Time

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Jonas dumped more snow on NYC than any other storm in history

It turns out that winter storm Jonas really was the "blizzard for the ages" some meteorologists were predicting. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have found, while reviewing preliminary measurements, that snow accumulation in NYC actually exceeded previous measurements, and about a whole inch more fell than was previously reported. The reevaluation proves that Jonas has set an all-time snowfall record for New York City (h/t NYP).

"Snow measurements are extremely difficult to take because precipitation is inherently variable," the director of the National Weather Service said in a statement. "Still, it’s important that we scrutinize questionable measurements and reject those that scientists deem invalid to ensure the public’s continued confidence in the U.S. climate record."

NOAA found that readings taken in Central Park by service volunteers were inaccurate owing to a "communication error," and adjusted the snow accumulation from 26.8 inches to 27.5 inches.