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Atterbury Mansion Buyer Nabs Next Door Unit For 14,000-Square-Foot Mega-Home

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Purchased the first four floors of Atterbury Mansion last fall for $45M

Following their purchase of a 10,000 square-foot space in the historic Atterbury Mansion last fall, the same family has now purchased an adjoining space for $15.5 million to create a single home that will span almost 14,000 square feet, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The unnamed buyers shelled out $45 million on the townhouse space last October, but that wasn't enough, the listing agent for the property told the WSJ, because the family wanted to create "something unique."

Both spaces are part of the 10-unit 33 East 74th Street, which sits right next to the Whitney Museum's old home, currently being used by the Met as a modern art wing. Developer Daniel Strauss purchased a row of buildings next to the old Whitney, five years ago, for $92 million, and converted them into a single project with 10 condo units.

The Atterbury Mansion portion of this development also has a another unit located on the top three floors of the townhouse, which recently closed for $31 million. The family that purchased the bottom four floors has now spent a combined $57.5 million on their home.