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WTC Transportation Hub Could Get an Opening Ceremony in May

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Port Authority may finally christen the $4 billion transit center

WTC Transportation Hub Inside Max Touhey for Curbed

The World Trade Center Transportation Hub officially opened back in March (well, at least part of it did), but due to a variety of factors—timing, the Port Authority's problems with the whole boondoggle, the generally meh reviews of Santiago Calatrava's creation—no grand ringing-in was held for the space at the time. (Well, and because executive director Pat Foye raised his concerns with the $4 billion project, calling it a "symbol of excess.")

But the agency eventually promised that a ceremony would be held eventually, and Politico reports that it could happen in the next few weeks. Chairman John Degnan told Politico that PA is "hoping for a ceremony of some sort in May in connection with the board meeting," which takes place on May 26.

In other WTC Hub news, a historian has proposed naming the transit center after Alexander Hamilton, because Hamilton fever has apparently infiltrated every single part of New Yorkers' daily lives. (And hey, he's buried nearby—it's not like it's that weird of an idea.)


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