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Pulaski Bridge Bike Lane Is Now Open

Cyclists no longer have to share space with pedestrians

For years, cyclists and pedestrians traveling between Long Island City, Queens and Greenpoint, Brooklyn have had to deal with precious little space on the Pulaski Bridge over the Newtown Creek. No longer. On Friday, the bridge’s new dedicated two-way bike lane opened. Politicians from both boroughs attended the opening, the New York Daily News reported.

The pedestrian path on the 62-year-old bridge was untouched by the project, but one lane of Brooklyn-bound automobile traffic was removed to allow insertion of the bike lane. The new bike lane sits on the western side of the bridge, in between the pedestrian pathway and the remaining Brooklyn-bound automobile lanes. That means both cyclists and pedestrians will still have this view of Manhattan.

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Pulaski Bridge Bike/Foot Path

Pulaski Bridge, Brooklyn, NY 11222