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Charming, Vintage Times Square Ad Will Be Obscured By New Hotel

Likely went up sometime between WWI and WWII

A possibly decades-old Times Square sign, advertising hotel rooms for as little as $1 per night, will soon disappear behind construction work taking place for a new hotel, the New York Post reports.

The demolition of a building at the corner Seventh Avenue and 47th Street a few years ago revealed a painted advertisement for the Longacre Hotel, where rooms went for $1—or $1.50 with a bath. That amount translates to just under $35 per month in today's money.

The Longacre Hotel opened in 1904, according to Jeremiah's Vanishing New York. It's unclear when the sign went up, but the Post estimates sometime between WWI and WWII. Today that building is home to the Night Hotel.

But like many of New York's vintage signs, this one will soon be obsolete. It's due to be obscured by work on the 39-story, Ian Schrager-developed Times Square Edition hotel, that's rising at that corner. The $1 billion project will the see the construction of over 450 rooms, retail, restaurants, and an 18,000 square foot LED sign. Construction is expected to wrap up sometime in 2018.