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MTA May Be Reconsidering a 7 Line Station at Tenth Avenue

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Plans for the stop at 41st Street were abandoned years ago

Max Touhey

Before the new 7 train station at Hudson Yards opened last year, plans for the extension of the Flushing line included a stop at 41st Street and Tenth Avenue—a plan that was abandoned nearly a decade ago thanks to, surprise surprise, a lack of funds.

But now, city officials may be attempting to revive the stalled station as part of a larger redevelopment of those blocks. An RFP issued in January by the NYCEDC and the nonprofit Covenant House included a tidbit noting that the MTA was conducting a feasibility study in conjunction with the site, and asked potential developers to consider how "conceptual design of the station facilities and infrastructure" could fit into the overall plan for the site.

Now, according to Crain's, documents related to the RFP reveal that "the MTA's study will tell bidders how much space they'll need to leave, and where, for an eventual subway station." Per Crain's, the forthcoming revamp of the Port Authority Bus Terminal has officials reconsidering the value of a station between Times Square and Hudson Yards, which

But don't get too excited: An MTA spokesperson confirmed that the study is just that—a study. According to the spokesperson, it's meant to merely "look[] at easement volumes so as not to preclude the construction of a new station in the future." Another complicating factor: the cost of building a new station at Tenth Avenue could be as much as $1 billion, according to a source.