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Nolita's Church-to-Condo Conversion Finally Unveils Its Listings

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The Residences at Prince hit the market from $7.74 million

The high-profile conversion of St. Patrick's Old Cathedral School into seven (expensive) condos accompanied by two townhouses has reached yet another milestone. Sales launched this morning, bringing the condos onto the market from a not-insubstantial $7.74 million. The launch doesn't bring any new renderings—those showed up in early March—but does reveal the full pricing spectrum of the development, where nearly each condo has a unique floorplan and is asking between $7.74 million for the 3BR/3BA 3A to $13.1 million for the 4BR/4.5BA penthouse. The townhouses have yet to hit the market, but will ask $25 million when they do.

The listings for The Residences at Prince don't come with an exhaustive list of finishes, but they do come with floorplans.

There's no word on when the townhouses will hit the market (our guess is soon), but here's a look at them in the meantime.