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LES Nursing Home Drama Gets Even Shadier With Tax Issues

Owner may have profited from other NYC nursing homes

Image via PropertyShark

As the scandal surrounding The Rivington House continues to unravel, more information has been uncovered about the owner's past dealings in the other parts of the city - and unsurprisingly, everything's not quite right with those properties either, the New York Post reports.

The Allure Group may have tried to make a profit on the sale of the Rivington House, but the for-profit care group has similarly taken over non-profit nursing homes throughout the city and tried to profit from them, according to the Post.

News emerged last week that Allure may have tried to flip a nursing home in Brooklyn, but it's not just restricted to that anymore. There were other homes in Brooklyn, and in Harlem that Allure either purchased or took over management for, such as the Greater Harlem Nursing Home.

However many of these properties continue to receive tax breaks even though they're now being managed by a for profit group. In some of the buildings that Allure owns, the group has hundreds of thousands of dollars in property taxes that are still unpaid, according to the Post.

On Friday, the first deputy mayor, Anthony E. Shorris, finally admitted that even though Mayor Bill de Blasio was unaware of the sale of Rivington House to a condo developer, Shorris had come to learn of the situation in late February, according to the New York Times. Shorris intended to gather more information on the matter before presenting it the Mayor. The sale is now under two separate investigations.