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Of Course This $40M Combo Pad With a Jellyfish Tank Is In a Trump Building

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The palatial six-apartment combo pad was last on the market for $75 million

In a city full of pricey apartments developed by Donald Trump, a combo pad in one of the Republican frontrunner's Upper West Side buildings has returned to the market, stealing the distinction of most expensive in his vast New York City real estate portfolio. And even at that, the apartment at 240 Riverside Boulevard, or The Heritage at Trump Place, isn't nearly as expensive as it once was.

The 10,500-square-foot condo hit the market for $40 million, a whopping $35 million less than it was asking in 2013, and $8.5 million less than it was asking some seven months ago. The $75 million triplex, originally built out for "an international VIP on assignment in the U.S.", included two additional units in the building that are no longer part of the package, ergo the price cut. But the main residence's amenities are still as over-the-top as ever. The apartment includes a "restaurant-quality kitchen and sushi bar," its own fitness center and spa, and a "world-class" security system.

Although the current listing doesn't go into it, past listings for the property divulged such particular amenities as a jellyfish tank, more than one safe room, a rain fountain that doubles as a Jacuzzi, and a ventilated billiards room, should cigar smoking be a habit. The apartment sounds fantastic. Really, really great. Just wonderful.