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Madonna Feuds With the Board of Her Upper West Side Co-op

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Suing Harperley Hall co-op board for not letting her family stay at the apartment

Just a short while after it was revealed that Madonna was trying to prevent people from parking in front of her Upper East Side mansion, the legendary pop star has managed to get herself into a feud on the other side of town.

This time she's suing the board of her Central Park West co-op building for preventing her family from staying at the building without her presence, the New York Daily News reports.

Madonna learned last year that the co-op board at Harperley Hall had changed its rules wherein relatives or employees of an apartment owner could not stay at the building without the owner's presence.

The singer says she was never informed of this change, and she now wants the court to issue an order that exempts her from this rule.

Madonna purchased the apartment in question for $7.3 million in 2008, according to the News. She previously also owned a duplex in the building, which she sold for under $20 million in 2013.