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Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Will Face Off at the Brooklyn Navy Yard

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The Democratic presidential frontrunners will debate five days before the New York primary

The political circus that is the 2016 presidential election is officially barreling toward New York City, with the state's primary happening on April 19. And given how much the Democratic frontrunners have been touting their NYC bona fides—Vermont senator Bernie Sanders was born and raised in Brooklyn, while former New York senator Hillary Clinton is, well, a former New York senator—it was perhaps inevitable that there'd be a larger event with the two closer to primary day.

And so there will be: the candidates have agreed to a debate (co-presented by CNN and NY1) on April 14, which will be held at the 35,000-square-foot Duggal Greenhouse in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. It'll be broadcast simultaneously on NY1 and CNN, with the former's Errol Louis and the latter's Wolf Blitzer moderating.

This comes after a minor fracas over whether or not the two candidates would debate at all: the Sanders camp announced that it would hold a rally in Washington Square Park on the 14th (it's since been moved to the prior day, the 13th), but the Clinton camp accused them of holding up the debate decision.

And, as DNAInfo pointed out, Mayor de Blasio got involved in the debate over the debate—the Clinton supporter even pledged to help Sanders make a rally happen on a different day.

The debate will happen April 14 at 9pm. If you live anywhere near the Navy Yard, expect getting around to be fairly hairy in the day or so leading up to the event.