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Plans for Karim Rashid's Futuristic Soho Building Have Been Filed

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The provocative designer let fans vote on the building's design

Last summer, provocative designer Karim Rashid held a contest on his Facebook page, letting fans vote on the design of his forthcoming NYC building at 30 Thompson Street. Now, nearly a year after the contest was opened, 6sqft reports that plans for the building have been filed with the city's Department of Buildings.

Here's what we know about it so far: The building will rise about 113 feet, and will have eight apartments over as many floors, in addition to a lobby and off-street parking. According to YIMBY, the apartments themselves (each of which will occupy a full floor) could average as large as 1,700 square feet.

As for the look of the building itself, 6sqft reports that this trippy design was the fan favorite, winning the contest that Rashid had opened up on his Facebook page. True to form for the designer, it's slightly futuristic, with a white exterior and geometric windows overlooking the street.