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'Baronial' Upper East Side Townhouse Returns, Asking $32.5M

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It last sold in 2013 for only $23 million

It was only two years ago that this palatial Upper East Side townhouse was last on the market; originally listed in 2010 for $28.8 million, the house stubbornly sat on the market for three years before selling in 2013 for $22.85 million, a good chunk less than its asking price. But that hasn't stopped its current owner, who's shielded by an LLC, from jacking the price up now that it's back on the market: The house has returned with an ask of $32.5 million.

Why the increase? It seems to have gotten an upgrade in the three years since it was purchased, with the listing touting its "luxurious finishes [and] contemporary amenities," including a media room and a gym. The HVAC systems have also been updated, and there's a full-floor master suite with walk-in closets, two (!) master baths, and more.

The home, built in 1910, is enormous, measuring more than 10,000 square feet and sitting 25 feet wide on East 71st Street. It also has many of its original finishes, including seven (!!) wood-burning fireplaces, a marble staircase, and a gorgeous limestone facade. But will all of that entice a buyer for $32.5 million? We'll have to wait and see.