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Atlantic Avenue Tunnel Remnants Are Built Into a New Brooklyn Bar

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The centuries-old tunnel was closed to the public in 2010, but some bits still remain

Earlier this winter, the Marie Antoinette-inspired bar Le Boudoir opened on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, bringing fancy cocktails to the space behind French restaurant Chez Moi. (The entrance to the bar is hidden behind a bookshelf.) But the bar isn't just something that cocktail buffs will be interested in—Brooklyn history fanatics may also want to pay a visit, as the space has a connection to the old railroad tunnel that runs beneath Atlantic Avenue.

According to Untapped Cities, the owners of the bar had heard a rumor that the tunnel passed below the restaurant, so "one evening after some drinks, the owners took a sledgehammer to the wall and uncovered two well-preserved spaces from the long-closed off tunnel." Those spaces have since been incorporated into Le Boudoir: One space, which allegedly served as a coal room, has its barrel-vaulted ceiling preserved; the other is now the bar's bathroom.

So if you're one of those people who still regrets not going on tours of the tunnel before they were shut down, take note: you can still see a very small piece of it somewhere.

Le Boudoir

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