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Chetrit’s Latest Project Is a 33-Story Midtown Hotel

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Located between Seventh and Eight Avenues on 34th Street

The Chetrit Group has unveiled plans for a 33-story hotel it intends to construct in the Garment District on 34th Street, The Real Deal reports. As per the current plans, the developer will first have to demolish a series of buildings on 34th Street between Seventh and Eight Avenues to build the hotel.

The project's 300 rooms will be located on the ninth floor and upwards. Below that will be an outdoor pool, administrative offices, a fitness center, and retail on parts of the first and second floors.

The property in question was once part of a joint venture between Cornell Realty Management and the Chetrit Group. Together the developers purchased a series of buildings on the same block. Now the properties have been divvied up with Chetrit building the hotel at 243-255 West 34th Street, and Cornell building a four-story retail venue at 257-263 West 34th Street, according to YIMBY.

Earlier a part of this parcel of properties was going to be used to construct a 17-story hotel.