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Brooklyn Macy's Revamp Will Mix Historic Details With Modern Upgrades

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The Downtown Brooklyn store is set to receive a $100 million makeover

New details have emerged (including new renderings) about the makeover of Macy's Downtown Brooklyn outpost courtesy of the Wall Street Journal.

Just some of the changes the department store will introduce as part of is transformation includes streamlining the design aesthetic of the floors, the addition of fluted columns and coffered ceilings on the first floor (a nod to the past), and large video screens located next to the escalators that show scenes of Brooklyn as well as the latest fashions.

The revamp will see the store going down from its current 378,000 square feet to 278,000 square feet with the store being located on the first four floors and one of the lower levels.

The renovation was made possible after the department store signed a $270 million deal with Tishman Speyer that was finalized in January this year. Tishman Speyer will remodel the upper floors of this 11-story building into offices as part of the deal.

The building currently inhabited by Macy's at 422 Fulton Street was built in 1873. One if its earliest tenants was another department store, Wechsler & Abraham. The building has since been expanded at least twice - once in 1929 and again in 1947, which is why Macy's along with their consultant FRCH Design Worldwide want to streamline the design as part of the renovation.

Demolition is set to begin in a few weeks, but Macy's will stay open through it all. Another new addition to the store will be metal and glass canopies on the Fulton Street entrance. Work is expected to take three years to complete.