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In Tribeca, a Dated Penthouse’s Modern Upgrades Include an Interior Courtyard

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Young Projects transformed the ’80s home into a modern oasis

When husband-and-wife Scott and Mia wanted to take their 6,000-square-foot Tribeca duplex—which came with an outdoor Jacuzzi, among other things—into the 21st century, they reached out to architect Bryan Young of Young Projects. "It had been renovated in the mid-’80s," Scott told New York magazine, which recently featured the penthouse apartment. "Cut up into many small rooms and finished primarily in white tile and mirrors."

The home that Young created is rather stunning, and not at all dated: Working with contractor Taocon Inc, Young took the huge space and created sculptural walls made of plaster, which surround the apartment's core (you can see his handiwork in the photo of the kitchen below). There's also a stainless-steel screen that echoes the shape of the wavy walls, which "can be pulled across the length of the entire 14th floor to separate the living area from the dining room."

The other big change was in the outdoor space: Young Projects, along with Future Green Studio, created an interior courtyard that can be viewed from both of the duplex's floors. It measures 300 square feet, and basically sits within the apartment itself. "It’s a real treat to sit in the kitchen with a cup of coffee listening to the rain fall in the courtyard," Scott told New York.

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