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Barefoot Contessa Chef Ina Garten Eyes An Upper East Side Pied-a-Terre

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The Food Network celebrity chef is on the lookout for a New York City pad

Domestic goddess Ina Garten, whose been delighting viewers of her Food Network show Barefoot Contessa with recipes for dijon-infused everything and segments with her true beau Jeffrey since 2002, is pied-a-terre hunting in New York City, the Post reports. The Upper East Side is a far cry from her beloved home in the Hamptons, but where else would Garten be looking? Word has it the White House analyst-turned-chef is eyeing a $5.35 million four-bedroom apartment at Philip House on East 88th Street. In addition to its delightful updated interiors with a prewar bent, the apartment's spacious kitchen is fit for a food connoisseur like Garten. Looks like she could move right in—how easy is that?