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The Red Hook Sign Is Back In (Most of) Its Neon Glory

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Tesla Motors has reinstalled it atop its Van Brunt Street showroom

Less than a week after it was announced that the Red Hook sign was making its grand comeback this time to be installed by Tesla on its Van Brunt Street warehouse the car company has followed through on its promise. The Brooklyn Paper was the first to report on the installation.

Redhook pup. #ampthescamp #redhook #gooddog #pitbull #brooklyn

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Sure it's much smaller than the original one, but it's still pretty captivating to look at at night, so have at it. Here's a short selection.

Another good nighttime shot:

Isn't that so nice of Tesla! #redhookbrooklyn #redhook #tesla #theregoestheneighborhood

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A couple of daytime ones:

#flagship #redhook #brooklyn #tesla #underthesun feeling for a new car @teslamotors

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And just so you have something to compare it with, this is what it looked like before: