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Who's Less Well-Versed At the Subway: Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton?

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Both candidates lost at the subway this week

Joel Raskin/Curbed Flickr Pool

Democratic candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton both made the news this week for gaffes involving the New York City subway. This week, the two settled on duking it out in a debate broadcast from Brooklyn (TK April 14), which indirectly led both candidates to come into some kind of contact with the great public transportation equalizer—which, it turns out, neither of them truly get.

In an interview with the editorial board of the Daily News, Bernie Sanders was asked a simple enough question, for which he provided a simple enough, although simply incorrect, answer. "What do you mean, ‘How do you ride the subway these days?' ... You get a token and you get on." Aw, Bernie. The city retired the subway token in 2003. For his part, the Midwood native has lived in Vermont since 1968.

And today, opposing Democrat Hillary Clinton tried to demonstrate her deft superiority by riding the subway, but had to swipe her MetroCard several times before figuring out how the thing worked. Several times! That's the makings of a turnstyle traffic jam. Note: when visiting the big city, everyone's mom has to swipe several times too.

This all, of course, is unforgivable.