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Hudson River's Planned Floating Park Overcomes Lawsuit

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Barry Diller's Pier 55 now only has one more hurdle to pass before becoming a reality

A lawsuit filed last June to thwart the construction of a futuristic 2.4-acre floating pier on the Hudson was thrown out on Thursday, allowing Pier 55 to move forward, the NYT reports. With its lawsuit, the City Club of New York sought to halt progress on the Hudson River Park pier and provoke a more transparent environmental review for the park, which has been chided as a destination for rich people. The $130 million park is being financed in large part by businessman and spouse to fashion mogul Diane Von Furstenburg, Barry Diller, who has pledged at least $113 million towards it.

The ruling isn't a "license to proceed yet," City Club president Michael S. Gruen points out to the Times. The project still needs to secure an approval from the Army Corps of Engineers before it can become a reality. The state's Environmental Conservation Department has approved the project and issued a permit for it last month.