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In What Neighborhood Should Ted Cruz Set Up His NYC Headquarters?

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Cruz is the only of the 4 leading candidates without a home base in NYC

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The New York City neighborhoods that the leading 2016 presidential candidates have chosen for their headquarters are, in many ways, emblematic of their campaigns. Just as some pets look like their owners, these neighborhoods seemingly reflect the values of the candidates who settle in them.

Hillary Clinton has set up shop in Brooklyn Heights, the affluent alternative to Manhattan. Bernie Sanders supporters could blink and miss the presidential hopeful's headquarters in semi-industrial Gowanus, which is marked by a temporary banner and neon "open" sign more fit for a bodega. And Donald Trump's NYC HQ is in Midtown's Trump Tower, because where else would Donald Trump put his NYC HQ?

But hopeful Ted Cruz has yet to set up shop in NYC—that is, if he plans to at all after this week's blunder in the Bronx. But that has us wondering: With the other candidates' neighborhood choices in mind, where should Cruz establish his NYC campaign headquarters? The staid Upper East Side? Somewhere on conservative Staten Island? Or should he shock us all and open up shop in uncharacteristically hip Williamsburg? Leave your (constructive) thoughts about which neighborhood is a match for the candidate in the comments.