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First Look at the Behemoth Structure Replacing Centuries-Old Bowery Buildings

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An eight-story building will rise where historic buildings once stood

Just two months after demolition work began on several centuries-old buildings on the Bowery, those historic structures have already been totally cleared, according to Bowery Boogie. The buildings occupied nos. 138-142 Bowery, and some of them dated back to the late 18th century (but weren't landmarked, obviously).

What remains is a giant hole in the ground that'll soon be filled with, predictably, a condo-hotel hybrid. BB also has a first look at the structure, thanks to a rendering from the developer, Emmut Properties. The project will have 46 hotel rooms and 21 apartments spread out over eight floors. The developer bought the five-building parcel for $47 million back in 2015.