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Rivington House Condo Conversion Temporarily Halted

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The DOB has issued a stop work order for "illegal conversion"

Image via PropertyShark

Amid the mounting investigations enveloping Rivington House, the Department of Buildings has now issued a stop work order on the building's planned condo conversion, the New York Post reports.

The DOB cited an "illegal conversion" of the commercial building into apartments, according to the Post, on part of the new owner of the building, Slate Property Group.

Slate has continued to maintained that it only agreed to purchase the property after the deed restrictions had been lifted, and was unaware of interactions between the de Blasio administration and the previous owner, the Allure Group.

The sale and the deed restriction is currently being investigated by almost half a dozen agencies including the NYC Comptroller's Office and the New York Attorney General's office.

The de Blasio administration on its part has said it would never have allowed for the deed restriction to be lifted if it was aware about the imminent sale, but the administration has come under increasing pressure from local residents and elected officials to reveal more details about what actually transpired.

Now a couple of pols have called for more transparency in the system, and to establish new laws whereby city restricted deeds can only be lifted after a public review process.