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New Looks at The Standish, a Onetime Brooklyn Heights Hotel Turned Condo

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The former Standish Arms Hotel, built in 1903, is set to get a new life as condos

The former Standish Arms Hotel in Brooklyn Heights has had many lives: It operated as a hotel in the early 20th century (and apparently inspired the name of Clark Kent's residence in the Superman comic books), but was sold to the Jehovah's Witnesses in 1981. The religious group turned it into housing, but then sold it in 2007 to Taurus Investment Holdings, which then converted the building into luxury rentals.

And now, developer DDG, in collaboration with Westbrook Partners, is set to transform it once again into luxury condos. A teaser site for the new development, named The Standish, is now live, and we've got details on what to expect. The building's current 90 units will be converted into just 32 condos, ranging in size from one- to five-bedrooms. DDG says that the apartments will "offer a fresh and cleanly modern interpretation of a decidedly pre-war residential sensibility," and amenities will include the usual—fitness center, children's playroom, bike storage, and the like. No word yet on pricing for the units, but considering the size and location, we can guess that they'll be pretty high.

The developers also brought artist Andie Dinkin into the fold to create pieces for the new building that are influenced by its history. Her line drawings, including the one pictured here, feature notable New York City buildings from the past and present—the Standish is there, obviously, along with Federal Hall and Jane's Carousel, to name a few.

Sales for the building are expected to launch sometime in the next few months.