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'Miami-Style' Manhattan Beach Villa Returns, Still Wants $8M

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The price (and the ridiculous listings photos) haven't changed in a year

Once upon a time, this extravagant Manhattan Beach mansion had a $9.75 million asking price, a New York Times profile, and listings photos that showed it off in all its glory—the waterfront setting, the lavish infinity pool and lush gardens, the Miami-meets-Brooklyn decor, and the like.

But times have changed; four years (and one Superstorm) later, the home is still up for grabs. One reason why it may not be selling: the price hasn't budged since 2014, when it was chopped to $8 million. Another reason: the new listings photos, which not only look bizarrely unprofessional, but also feature an inexplicable photo of what is either a hippie wedding or a Polyphonic Spree concert. Maybe not the best way to show off a place, you know?

In any case, the house was re-listed this week with the same $8 million asking price, and the particulars haven't changed: It still has four bedrooms and four bathrooms, that infinity pool, a sculptural staircase, and other amenities, all spread out over 17,000 square feet of space.