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Adjacent UES Townhouses Once Asking $120M Appear as Separate Listings

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The three townhouses have been divided into two listings

The three uncombined townhouses that once comprised New York City's priciest listing are back on the market but have, at least for now, given up on their megamansion ambitions. The townhouses at 12, 14, and 16 East 62nd Street were once listed as a $120 million property ripe for a single-family conversion but those townhouses have now reappeared on the market in a more modest way.

The townhouse at 12 East 62nd Street is listed on its own for $39 million, bringing with it a new glimpse at the townhouse's interior. When it first appeared on the market as part of the three-townhouse assemblage in June 2015, the listing was accompanied by a few barren interior images.

The townhouses at 14 and 16 East 62nd Street are being marketed together as a $75 million mini-megamansion. Together the townhouses cover 25,641 square feet and span an "ideal" 48 feet. Anyone looking to combine the townhouses in the Upper East Side Historic District would presumably have to pass through the same landmarking process that hindered Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich's dream of combining three Upper East Side townhouses a little bit north on East 75th Street.

In a strange twist of events, the townhouse at 18 East 62nd Street also appeared on the market this morning. The townhouse was never before offered as part of the $120 million megamansion assemblage, but public records show that the same LLC that's tied to the townhouses at 12-16 East 62nd Street is also listed on records for the property at 18 East 62nd Street. The owner of the townhouses has yet to be identified, but the Daily News linked an entity associated with the townhouses to the secretive and very wealthy Safra banking family.

The townhouse at no. 18 doesn't sport the same limestone facade that its three neighboring townhouses do, but like its neighbors, was also renovated by Joseph pell Lombardi Architects in 2006. The 9,520 square foot townhouse is asking $29 million.