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432 Park Avenue's $76.5 Million Penthouse Is In Contract

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Another huge sale in the supertall tower

The $76.5 million 88th floor penthouse at Rafael Viñoly's fortress for the uber rich has entered contract, The Real Deal reports. The penthouse is not 432 Park Avenue's most expensive apartment to date—that distinction belongs to a $95 million penthouse reportedly picked up by Saudi Arabian retail and real estate titan Fawaz Al Hokair—but the penthouse is the building's most expensive apartment on the market as of now. Sources close to the deal won't say who the buyer is, or how much the unit is closing for.

The $76.5 million penthouse cover 8,055 square feet and one full floor of the supertall building. As per its listing, it includes five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a library with a wood-burning fireplace, and two powder rooms.

Word of a slowdown in sales in the building flared up when some condo units were divided into smaller, lower-priced pads in November, but a Macklowe spokesperson tells TRD that "sales velocity has been up at the property over the last several months."

432 Park Avenue

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