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From Hammams to Private Jets, 111 Murray's Most Outrageous Amenities

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The luxury Tribeca development has some of the most over-the-top amenities in Manhattan

It's all but impossible to plan a new development in New York City these days without throwing in at least some schmancy amenities—things like a private fitness center, a 24-hour concierge, or a children's playroom—to entice buyers. But of all the luxury developments that Curbed tracks, 111 Murray in Tribeca might take the cake for the most ridiculous amenities. The building, developed by Fisher Brothers, Witkoff, and New Valley, has offerings you'd expect (spa, residents' lounge, private garden), but a few that are downright outrageous (private jet?!?). With the announcement that the building will now be home to a private Drybar outpost, here's the rundown on some of its more over-the-top perks.

The normal (relatively speaking)

Many of the amenities on offer at 111 Murray Street are pretty much de rigeur for luxury condos nowadays: a 75-foot-long lap pool, a 3,000-square-foot fitness center (which also has a "movement room" for yoga), a residents' lounge, a media room, and a children's playroom. The amenity space is designed by David Rockwell, and will occupy 20,000 square feet over two floors of the building.

The slightly ridiculous

A private Drybar for residents: In addition to providing private, in-home blowouts for building residents, Drybar will open a two-chair salon within 111 Murray Street; per a press release, it'll have "custom Italian chairs surrounded by tufted fabric walls, marble bars with built-in iPhone charging stations, and flat screens featuring popular movies and television shows."

A "patisserie" with a private dining room: This is basically a fancy private dining room, though it has separate areas that can be used for different functions, like cocktail parties. Apparently, the adjacent demo kitchen is "perfect for intimate dinner parties with a celebrity chef," because that's a thing normal people definitely do.

A teen-specific recreation room: It has an arcade, and—if the renderings are to be believed—air hockey. Sure, why not.

A hammam: It has "heated, sculpted marble beds and carved sinks, bringing a modern touch to the traditional Turkish bath." Cool.

The completely outrageous

Concierge jet service: Yes, really. When the offering was first announced, Steve Witkoff told the Wall Street Journal that "our buyer profile at 111 Murray is the type of demographic to use private aircrafts," which is probably true, considering the cheapest condos start at more than $2 million.

111 Murray Street

111 Murray Street, Manhattan, NY 10007