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Trader Joe's May Set Up Shop At Extell's East Village Rental

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The grocery chain is eyeing a spot at Extell's seven-story rental on East 14th Street

The commercial tenant at Extell's planned East Village rental building may be Trader Joe's, making it the grocery chain's second store on East 14th Street, DNAinfo reports. One of the top executives for the development firm made the announcement yesterday at a local community board meeting.

Extell is planning a seven-story rental building with 160 apartments at 500-524 East 14th Street, located between Avenues A and B. Of the total apartments, 32 will be affordable units, and plans also call for two ground floor retail spaces. Trader Joes is in discussions to lease one of those spaces, according to Extell.

The move was largely influenced by the teeming crowds that gather at the grocery chain's current store at 142 East 14th Street, which is the chain's most profitable store in NYC, according to Extell. A store more towards the east will cater directly to residents of the East Village and Stuyvesant Town.

Trader Joes has yet to confirm the deal and the project still needs to go through a few stages of approval before it is finalized. One of the concerns for the community board was a loading dock for the retail spaces on East 13th Street, but Extell has since decided to add two loading docks on East 14th Street and Avenue A. That proposal received the approval of the board's transportation committee.

The full board will vote on this entire proposal on May 19.